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Tapioca Pearl Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea - yummy and chewyOriginating from Taiwan 20 years ago, tapioca pearl drink, also known as boba/bubble tea, is a delightful refreshment consisting of tea, optional fruit flavors, and dark tapioca balls. Tapioca pearls, about the size of pearls or small marbles, are made mostly from tapioca starch derived from the cassava plant. Because the drink is made from natural ingredients, it is a healthy alternative to coffee or soft drinks.

The soft but chewy tapioca pearls with its slightly caramel flavor are instantly addictive. Instead of just taking down liquid, the beverage drinker now has something to chew on -- and the result is an interesting beverage experience.

Bubble tea may be served hot or cold, and is not only limited to boba; there are aso other categories of bubble tea drinks such as smoothies, slushes, fresh juices and flavored teas. Each and every one is guaranteed to make ones' taste buds tingle and ecstasy.

In addition to bubble tea, Mr. K's Cafe also offers some authentic Chinese and Thai snacks (check out our Menu page for details). Try them together to produce a taste sensation not soon to be forgotten.

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